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Sin vs. Mistakes

We have all inadvertently messed up, right? I don’t have to think long about my many mistakes. I am forever calling my children the wrong names. So much so, that I started at one point to call them all George, that way they would all respond when I wanted them.

A couple of weeks ago I accidentally scratched the paint on a new car with my truck door. I certainly didn’t mean to, but I was responsible.

Did you read about the Dad of a player that broke the national championship trophy that the great University of Alabama football team earned last year? And it cost $30,000!

Carleton Tinker said this, “It’s that whole sinking feeling in your stomach, then your heart up in your chest,” Tinker said. “… As that thing’s rolling off the top, and it only took a second, all of those thoughts go through your mind. ‘Why couldn’t it have been the person before me? Or the person after me?’ But things happen.”  This was a sad accident, but insurance will replace it, and Tuscaloosa will receive yet another trophy in the near future. It is replaceable.

A mistake is never a sin. And a sin is never a mistake. A sin is done on purpose. When we rename a sin it doesn’t change it! There is no divine forgiveness for mistakes – because we do not confess mistakes, we only confess correctly when we admit our “deliberate breaking of God’s law!