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A Journey Worth Taking

This morning I ate breakfast with Bob Dyar, sports chaplain (SC) for Joe Gibbs Racing. (He paid, great breakfast!) We were talking about the need to help men move from a basic understanding of the gospel to truly be discerning. To help them take one more step in the right direction on a consistent basis.

Watch this scene from the Lord of the Rings

We want men to lead their families spiritually as a growing leader themselves. How do we help them on that journey?

Bob works with a large race team (450 employees), grown men in their 20’s to 60’s, all stages of life. You might work with a high school, college or professional team. Whatever the stage, they are on a journey. They will not be in their 20’s long and God has put you there to help!  How’s it going?

In 1492 Christopher Columbus set out for the Orient and ended up in the Caribbean. Some people have said that Columbus set a pattern that’s continued for the last 500 years… men still won’t stop and ask for directions.

For many of us guys, being someplace we’ve never been before is a challenge, an adventure, an obstacle to be conquered. Asking for directions spoils the whole fun of the journey. Then again if Columbus hadn’t gotten lost we wouldn’t be here. Wandering without directions can be fun if you don’t care where you will end up. But it can be hell for those God has put in our lives to lead. We need directions. Not all guys fail to ask for directions, but it sure seems like it. We as Sports Chaplains have the privilege helping them ask the right questions. Do you realize that when you you’re your meeting with the team you are ordained to be there? God has place you there for a divine reason. What you say and even how you say it, could be used of God to completely change their lives. I like to think that Ephesians 2:10 (link to this verse) applies to our appointments and hanging out conversations! That is a part of our journey!

In many ways our spiritual lives are much like being on a trip. In fact the dominant word picture of the spiritual life in every world religion is the image of “a journey.