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A Journey Worth Taking (Part 2)

As a Sports Chaplains (SC) we are well aware that everyone is at different places on his or her journey. Missiologist have gone to great efforts to quantify where people are on their journey.

I find charts helpful, but they always oversimplify.  The one on the right is from Ed Stetzer.

Below is my modification of the Engel Scale.

This scale has an interesting history. In rudimentary forms, it was first suggested by Viggo Sogaard while he was a student at Wheaton Graduate School. Later it was revised by James F Engel and published in such sources as Church Growth Bulletin and elsewhere during 1973. Since that time, modifications have been introduced as others have made suggestions. Particularly helpful comments have been advanced by Richard Senzig of the communications faculty at the Wheaton Graduate School and Professors C Peter Wagner and Charles Kraft of the Fuller School of World Mission. Paul Hazelden added a number of things plus the term “modified