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How to Use Sports For Discipleship

Thanks to Adam Legg for this incredibly helpful but simple formula:

The twelve weren’t his Disciples when Jesus called them. They were just twelve normal dudes. They BECAME his Disciples.

How did they become his Disciples? Let me suggest this incredibly simple definition of Discipleship:


Let’s look at each of these ideas:

Jesus called the twelve to be with Him. Not only that, He was committed to bringing Himself to them. He was WITH them. They did life together. They were present with each other. They didn’t see each other once a week and expect that would be enough, they journeyed through life TOGETHER.

Jesus was honest with them about what he knew to be true about God, Himself, and the twelve. He challenged them on core beliefs that they held and He didn’t allow them to stay in their mess, instead he always pointed to a better and higher way.

Jesus spent about three years with the twelve. Not once a week for three years, but most likely He was with them almost every day. That’s around 1,000 days in His presence and listening to His truth. We cannot underestimate the impact of longevity and time in building disciples.