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Music and Sports – Both of them Affect Us

I read this Blog from Tim Callies today and he linked this You Tube video. He made an interesting point – but it is not quite the point I would like to make. When I watched this video it reminded me that music – live music – gets people’s attention. I will never forget the first live band I saw at the tender age of twelve play the classic CCR hit - Proud Mary. It amazed me. The only instrument I can play well is the radio.

Did you notice the people taking their earplugs out and smiling? What a great scene. Music is a language that speaks to people and makes them respond.

Sports is also a universal tool. My friend Bob Dyar, sports chaplain at Joe Gibbs Racing, says that if Paul were alive today he would use both sports and music as universal ministry tools. Because Paul could be all things to all people. It’s amazing – all people respond to sports and music.

As Sports Chaplains, we have the privilege to speak into people’s lives as they are involved in coaching, supporting, or playing sports. While people are involved at some level of a game – we represent the one who has given us “all things to enjoy.”

Remember today why you are involved. Renew your passion to use sport and not to worship it.

I thought he would want me to remind you.

Jeremy Lin’s Faith

Our friends over at Church Sports Outreach have posted this short blog on Jeremy Lin.  Jeremy has a great perspective on how to integrate his faith into basketball:

Lin then adds the following commentary about his coming to treasure Jesus more than basketball success:

When Paul wrote in Philippians to press on for an upward prize, he was living for that, and it made his life meaningful (Philippians 3:15). And I realized I had to learn to do the same. I had to learn to stop chasing the perishable prizes of this earth, I had to stop chasing personal glory, I had to learn how to give my best effort to God and trust him with the results. I have to learn to have enough faith to trust in his grace and to trust in his sovereign and perfect plan. I had to submit my will, my desires, my dreams — give it all up to God and say, “Look, I am going to give my best effort, go on the court and play every day for you, and I’m going to let you take care of the rest.