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Friday and Sunday, the Heart of Christianity


Pre-Game Chapel Talk

Friday and Sunday, the Heart of Christianity

For many this is a very important week, not just because of March Madness or Spring Break. But because most students get a break from school. One of my daughters gets this Friday, and next Monday off – the other gets this Friday and all of next week. Why do they get this Friday off? What is the significance of this Friday?  GOOD FRIDAY.

Today I want to quickly explain the gospel – the good news of the Bible using the meaning of two days – this Friday and Sunday. Good Friday is observed by Christians commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. It is also known as Holy Friday, Great Friday, or Black Friday. Why is it called “good?

Chaplains, Don’t Make Assumptions!

ExitWe all know the saying about assuming. It is a travesty when we as Sports Chaplains/Mentor do it with the athletes, coaches and staff under our influence. I believe it is safest to view everyone as an unbeliever until we see evidence of spiritual growth.  Do not assume that your athlete is a Christian simply because they went to a church with their family before college and pray over their pre-game meal.

I encourage you to read a poignant blog post HERE

In this blog you find ten reasons, ten reasons only someone who truly works with college students could come up with, why 70-80% of church youth leave the church!

Here are a few reasons I found very perceptive:

The Church is “Relevant