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Life Without Jesus

Next week I will start a series of blog entries from a portion of Scripture that depicts a Biblical chaplain who has the responsibility of guiding others away from error and into grace and truth. I think you will find it challenging.

Question for today: Do you remember with any detail, your life without Jesus Christ?

I do. It motivates me to be more evangelistic. I remember to deep isolation I felt in my soul. Looking back now, I see God’s hand orchestrating my life. He was what the old theologians call, wooing me. Another way of saying that is that he was bringing me to the place of frustration and despair, so that I would be willing to listen.

My Dad died when I was six. I still remember going as a little guy to my Dad’s funeral. Somehow I slipped out to the old white church and wandered around back. A man was straightening white chairs out in the backyard near the gravestones. I walked up to him and asked him if I could sit on the front row. He said yes. He knew who I was, but I didn’t know who he was.

A few weeks later during my first grade recess it hit me – my Dad was never coming home. I understood death. I cried. The teacher came out and asked what was wrong and I told her my Dad was dead. She left me to cry.

There is more to the story and sometime I will share more – but the point of the story is  – I understood death. Dad was dead.

When I was saved by God, I was then fully aware of the death I was living. A living Jesus offered me life. I still understand death. I smell it when I choose to disobey the living Jesus inside me or when I deliberately return for a while to the gravestones of sin. But God is faithful. He draws me back. He prompts me to repent, ask forgiveness, and pray. You see, he is living inside of me and I have life that will never die.

I do not call people to become better people. Jesus never did. Doesn’t work. I call people from death to true life.

Don’t forget the smell of death – rejoice in life – the eternal life that starts as soon as you demonstrate repentance and faith in the living Jesus.  Share Him today!