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Chapel – Sacrifice

1 – How does a competitor demonstrate genuine love for his teammates?
• In the book about Coach Joe Ehrmann, “Season of Life” it says that the coaches’ job is to love the players and the players’ job is to love each other.
• Over the last …… months you have done that.
• Let’s continue that in today’s contest.
• Such love and sacrifice could be the key to a victory today.

2 – This is a great scripture on this theme. I John 3:16-18 (read text aloud)
• Christ Jesus is our example – He laid down His life for us.
• We should lay down our lives for our teammates.
o Some have done this by changing positions in mid-season.
o Some have made adjustments in coaching style, daily schedules and more.
o Some are doing it daily as they play through pain, through injuries and more.
o We’re following Jesus’ example in so doing.
• “Let us not love with word and tongue, but in deed and truth.”
o Talk is easy, deeds are tough.
o Talk is cheap, deeds are costly.
o Talk works on practice days, deeds work on game day.
o Words are good for newspapers, truth is good for teammates.
o Words please radio listeners, truth pleases your coaches.

3 – Today, win or lose, we’ll be successful if we:
• Follow Christ’s example and lay down our lives for each other.
• Love not with word and tongue.
• Love in deeds and in truth.

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Chapel – Rewards

1 – Today we will discuss ironic nature of rewards in sport.
• The rewards are the same for the freshman playing his first season as for the senior playing his last season.
• The rewards for the first year coach are the same as for the twenty year veteran of coaching.
• At the end of the game or the end of the season, the rewards are the same.

2 – Jesus told a story about this in Matthew 20:1-16 (read the text aloud).
• Let’s say that a denarius is worth $20.00
• The guys who worked 6:00 am to 6:00 were paid $20.00
• The guys who worked noon to 6:00 were paid $20.00
• The guys who worked 5:00 pm to 6:00 were paid $20.00

3 – It’s similar in the life of our team relate to rewards.
• Differing levels of experience receive the same reward.
• Differing levels of understanding receive the same reward.
• Senior players, juniors, sophomores, even freshmen receive the same reward.

4 – Young players, give proper respect to the veterans.
• Appreciate the sacrifices they’ve made for the program.
• You probably think this level of success is a given, but it has not always been this way.
• (Recite the names of the eldest players who have invested deeply in the team’s success for a long time.)
• Like the workers who started at 6:00 am, you enjoy these rewards due to grace.

5 – Veterans, don’t be envious of the young players’ good fortune.
• They are at the right place at the right time.
• Their contributions to the team are a large part of our success.
• Like the workers who started at 5:00 pm, you enjoy these rewards due to grace.

6 – In today’s contest, pursue, achieve and celebrate a great victory. You will all receive the same rewards; a victory, a championship and memories for a lifetime.

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Chapel – Prayer

1 – Many people misunderstand our purpose in conducting a chapel for our team.
• Some think that if we pray it will result in a win.
• Some think that if we go to chapel we are more likely to win.
• Some think that if we pray we get God on our side.
• So what’s the point?
• Does God even care about who wins today?

2 – Joshua 5:13-15 sheds some light on such questions (read the text aloud).
• Joshua and his people are about to enter a very strategic battle.
• He sees a man with his sword drawn.
• He says, “Whose side are you on?”
• He’s asking the wrong question.
• Joshua immediately understands who the Lord is and who the servant is. He sees the big picture.

3 – Our purpose in chapel and prayer (saying the Lord’s Prayer) and even for my prayers for you individually…
• It’s not to win God’s favor or to get Him on our side.
• It’s not to make God a good luck charm for our team.
• It is to align our hearts and minds with God’s way of doing things.
• The real question is, “Whose side are we on?”

4 – Today’s challenge –
• Resolve to compete wisely and well and you will be on God’s side.
• Commit your heart to your team and you’ll be going God’s way.
• Sacrifice your personal goals and aspirations for the higher aim of team success and you’ll be doing exactly what Jesus would do.

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Chapel – Perseverance

1 – Here we are at game number ___ of our season.
• Let’s take a look back at our season so far.
• We’ve competed at …(tough opponent)
• We’ve endured a… (hard situation)
• We’ve won a hard fought battle with …. (good win)
• We’ve had to battle through… (illness or injury)
• We won on the road at… (big road win)
• We now face a worthy opponent on their home turf with a lot at stake.
• We have handled these tests well and they have made us stronger.
• This reminds me of an encouraging scripture.

2 – James 1:12 (read the text aloud).
• Blessed = being contentedly happy. Remember the bus ride back from ……? Like that.
• It says the one who perseveres under trial, not the one who quits under trial, not the one who whines under trial, not the one who complains under trial.
• It says we are blessed when we refuse to quit and when we continue to move ahead toward the goal.
• Once we have been approved, we will receive the crown of life.
o We prove ourselves in the middle of trials, tests and adversity.
o The result is a crown, a ring, a championship.

3 – Let’s commit ourselves to an attitude that will override every test, trial and each moment of adversity.

This resource provided by Roger D. Lipe




Chapel – Passion

1 – Sport is a tremendous part of our lives because it allows us to express passion.
• Passion for our school, club, community.
• Passion for our teammates.
• Passion for the sport.
• Passion for the God who gave us the privilege to compete.

2 – When I think about passion, I am always reminded of the life of the Apostle Paul. Let’s read about a season in his life which was marked by passion. Acts 14:19-22 (read the text aloud.)

3 – In the apostle’s life and in ours:
• Passion enables us to stand against strong and violent opposition.
• Passion is strengthened by one’s committed teammates.
• Passion enables us to finish strongly.

4 – There is no doubt –
• Through many tribulations we must enter the Kingdom of God. Enter we must.
• Through great struggles we must capture a great team victory. Capture it we must.

5 – Prayer by coaches and competitors as they volunteer:
• Prayer for passion to stand against a strong opponent.
• Prayer for our passion to be strengthened by our teammates.
• Prayer for passion to finish well.
• Chaplain to complete the season of prayer.

This resource provided by Roger D. Lipe



Opportunity and Opposition

Chapel – Opportunity and Opposition

1 – This is a great day for two main reasons – we have a tremendous
opportunity and a worthy opponent.
• The opportunity is that we, a strong, developing, ambitious team get to compete against another strong, developing, ambitious team. This makes for a great match up.
• The worthy opponent is obvious. Competing with this opponent at this point in the season is great for us. We get a good test of our team’s real strength, our character and our hunger to win.

2 – This reminds me of a powerful scripture.
I Corinthians 16:8-9 and 13-14 (read the text)
• Opportunity and opposition – this is why the Apostle Paul decides to stay.
• There is a wide door for effective service and he has many adversaries.
• Most people see opposition as contrary to opportunity, but they actually go well together.
• Most times in sport, a worthy opponent makes for more opportunity.

3 – Today we have both opportunity and opposition – so what should we
do? Follow the instructions from verses 13-14.
• Be on the alert – everyone on the roster must be ready, all day.
• Stand firm – when adversity hits, stand firm and meet it head on.
• Act like men – men act with courage, conviction and discipline.
• Be strong – of body, of mind and of heart. Be complete players.
• Let all you do be done in love – Love for your teammates will lead you to be a great team collectively and great teammates individually.

4 – Summary
• Our opportunity and our opposition demand:
o That we be on the alert
o That we stand firm
o That we act like men
o That we be strong
o That we do everything in love

This resource provided by Roger D. Lipe




Chapel – Love

1 – Today’s characteristic of Successful People and Successful Teams is Love.
Definition – “to seek another’s best interest at one’s personal cost.”
• The most successful people love their families.
• The most successful people love their coworkers.
• The most successful people love their teammates.
• The most successful people love their careers.
• The most successful teams/companies/organizations love each other.
• They seek the others’ best interest at their own cost.
2 – Here are some questions we should consider.
• Will such love characterize our team?
• On a 1 to 10 scale, how much do you love your teammates?
• What costs would you be willing to pay to see your team achieve everything of which is it capable?
3 – We find a powerful description of this kind of unconditional, sacrificial love in the
Bible at I Corinthians 13:4-8a. (Read the text aloud.)
4 – There are three big ideas here:
• How love is expressed toward others.
o Patient and kind.
o Not jealous / bragging / arrogant.
o Will you be patient and kind toward your teammates or will you be jealous of them, brag about yourself and arrogantly put others down?
• How love is expressed in values.
o Love does not act unbecomingly. It is respectful.
o Love does not seek its own. It is selfless.
o Love is not provoked. It is under control.
o Love does not hold a grudge. It is forgiving.
o Love does not rejoice in unrighteousness. It is pleased when people do the right thing.
o Will your heart-felt values find expression in ways that bring the best out of your teammates?
• How love is expressed in absolute terms.
o Love bears all things. It perseveres in adversity.
o Love believes all things. It sees the potential in others.
o Love hopes all things. It expects the best from others.
o Love endures all things. It refuses to quit on others.
o Love never fails. Never, it is always the right thing to do.
5 – When I say, “I love you.” This is exactly what I mean.
• When your coaches say they love you, this is what they mean.
• When the Lord Jesus whispers, “I love you,” in your ear, this is what He means.

This resource provided by Roger D. Lipe




Chapel – Leadership

1 – Today’s characteristic of Successful People and Successful Teams is Solid Leadership.
• Think about the best leaders across your lifetime, in your family, in your home town, from your youth.
• Think about the leaders among your team.
• When are they at their best?
• How do they change situations by simply being present?
• How do their words breathe courage into the souls of their teammates and strike fear in the hearts of their opponents?
• This is the stuff of Solid Leadership.

2 – Jesus Christ was that kind of leader. We can see Jesus’ solid leadership at John 18:1-11 (read the text).
• He moved directly to the conflict. He asked, “Whom do you seek.” He wasn’t hiding and knew Judas would come here to betray Him.
• He spoke with authority. When He said, “I am He,” the people fell backward. His words had power.
• He protected His teammates. He said, “Let these go.” Peter had also cut of one man’s ear (certainly aiming for his head).

3 – Today, we will need Solid Leadership to be successful. We need leaders who will:
• Move directly to the conflict. Meet your opponent head on. Line up, make plays, straight ahead.
• Speak with authority. In the locker room to inspire. On the field of competition to challenge. On the sideline to instruct and to adjust. To your opponent to push them back.
• Protect their teammates. From fear of failure. From foolish errors. From playing out of control. From being overrun by momentum shifts.

4 – If you will exercise Solid Leadership today, we will enjoy great success.

This resource provided by Roger D. Lipe



Heart for Teammates

Chapel – Heart for Teammates

1 – To have the Heart of a Champion one must have:
• A heart for competition
• A heart for training
• A heart for teammates

2 – Today we will talk about having a heart for teammates.

3 – John 15:12-13 (read the text)
• Jesus’ command was for these men to love each other. They did it.
• Jesus defined the greatest kind of love – to give one’s life for his friends.
o He did that literally. He died for them and for us.

4 – We do that in less severe ways.
• Sacrificing playing time to develop younger players.
• Sacrificing a position for another to make the team better.
• Sacrificing minutes, possessions, or personal records to fit the game plan.
• The coaches sacrificing family time for team success.
• Sacrificing preferences or conveniences.
• Sacrificing our bodies to enable our teammates to succeed.

5 – Greater love has no one than this – to give one’s life for his friends. This is our challenge for today’s competition.

This resource provided by Roger D. Lipe



Finishing Well

Chapel – Finish Well

1 – What does it take to finish well?
• To finish well in today’s game…
• To complete this season as champions?
• To finish strongly so as to gain a favorable situation in the playoffs?
• To finish well will require a particular attitude.

2 – This attitude is seen in the words of the Apostle Paul in Acts 20:24.
(Read the text aloud emphasizing the first half.)
• Background – Paul is leaving Ephesus (Turkey) and boarding a boat for Jerusalem.
• He knows trouble and pain await him.
• He goes anyway.

3 – Attitude number 1 is selflessness.
• My life is of no account.
• My life is not dear to me.
• My life is focused on one purpose.

4 – Attitude number 2 is absolute resolve.
• To finish my course.
• To fulfill my destiny.

5 – Our team can finish well if we will maintain and even grow stronger in these two attitudes.
• Play selflessly today. Think more of your team and your teammates than yourself.
• Strengthen your resolve today. Accept nothing less than the goals we agreed up on in pre-season.

6 – We have a job to finish. Let’s finish it with selflessness and absolute resolve.

This resource provided by Roger D. Lipe