Orange Pops: 8/19/15


“Orange Pops!” 8/19/15

Fans of racing, NASCAR or boat racing seem to love the crashes!
Oh they like the speed, the maneuvers, the jockeying for position and the sheer endurance; but when a crash occurs…well, it is spectacular!

Most accidents are the fodder for TV; the stuff that makes fans keep watching. Whether it is a “blow over,” a “barrel roll,” or a “stuff,” accidents are interesting to watch. Through the years we have seen some of the most spectacular! In Bay City there was a double barrel roll, almost in “tandem.” The orange and the yellow rising high into the air, side by side and then going backwards like a somersault, then landing in the water. In San Diego, the blue/gray boat and the blue/white boat rose together and in one photo it seemed they were stacked, one boat flying above the other. The fans go crazy over this!

For me and the community who know the driver personally, the best view is after the crash when all of a sudden out of the water, the helmet of orange pops up! The driver has surfaced, he’s made his way out of the cockpit and is now above water, breathing air! This is our favorite result of any crash.

In life, we want to be surrounded by people who want only the best for us. People who watch our difficulties and trials not with curious fascination; but people who wish we weren’t encountering these deep waters. People who believe we will resurface with an “orange pop!” People who will jump in and help us to get back on top of the water.

“A friend loves at all times, but in trouble he becomes a brother.” Proverbs 17:17

Credit: Jan Vidal – Legacy Ministry International, LLC
Submitted by Ken Cross.

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