Strength and Courage

Chapel – Strength and Courage

1 – Today’s contest will require strength and courage for us to finish the day with a victory.

2 – Strength and courage are character qualities required for all of life and especially for competition.
• Joshua 1:9 (read the text aloud).

3 – Be strong
• Strong of mind (focus well and tune out crowd noise)
• Strong of body (prepare to finish the contest strongly)
• Strong of soul (to deal well with momentum swings)

4 – Be courageous
• Before a strong opponent (skilled, strong…)
• Before a hostile crowd (tune out distractions)
• Before difficult conditions (noise, trash talk…)

5 – Wherever you go
• You have competed well on the road
o Game at ….
o Game at …
o Game at …
• Today in __________ let’s compete strongly.

6 – The challenge for today is to:
• Be strong
• Be courageous
• Believe in your team and its destiny
• Compete like a champion and you’ll be one

This resource provided by Roger D. Lipe



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