Servant Leadership

Chapel – Servant Leadership

1 – Today’s competition will require a tremendous amount of leadership for us to be victorious. It will require a unique type of leadership.

2 – This kind of leadership is best described in Mark 10:42-45 (read the text aloud).
• This is not the usual kind of leadership – it’s not about power or position.
• To be a great leader – make those close to you better.
o Communicate well
o Lead your unit
• To be the best leaders – make your whole team better.
o Even those who annoy you
o Even those outside your responsibility
o Even the coaches
• To be a Christ-like leader – sacrifice for the team’s greatest good.
o Sacrifice playing time to further a younger player’s development
o Play through pain
o Submit to the game plan
o Press through difficult situations
o Free your teammates to become all they were created to be

3 – Lead strongly today
• Be great leaders
• Be the best leaders
• Be Christ-like leaders

This resource provided by Roger D. Lipe



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