Chapel – Adversity

1 – The events of these last days are those which try men’s souls.
• Disappointment
• Failure
• Loss
• Illness
• Injury

2 – How we deal with adversity is a strong indicator of our character.
• Will we bounce back or will we wilt?
• Will we encourage or will we criticize?
• Will we accept responsibility or will we shift blame?

3 – Today’s scripture gives us a vivid picture of what makes the difference when one encounters adversity. Matthew 7:24-27 (read the text aloud)
• The adversity, like the storm reveals the nature of our foundation.
• Are we more like the house built upon the sand?
• Or are we more like the house built upon the rock?

4 – Today, trust in the rock solid foundation we have as a team.
• Character – collective and individual
• Family – genuine love and respect for teammates
• Leadership – coaches, team captains and emerging young leaders

This resource provided by Roger D. Lipe



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