Kentucky is Calling…

Organization:           Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy
Job Title:                   Associate Chaplain

Location:                  Louisville, Kentucky

Reports To:              Chaplain

Main Purpose/General Responsibilities:

This is a full-time position reporting directly to the Senior Chaplain. Working with the Senior Chaplain for Churchill Downs and the Council for the Kentucky Race Track Chaplaincy, the Associate Chaplain provides spiritual counsel and support to the workers on the Backside; conducts prayer services for the Spanish-speaking members as scheduled; maintains availability with workers by walking the barns on a daily basis and providing a spiritual presence on the Backside; participates in organizing and conducting activities, such as the annual Christmas party, Easter Egg hunt, and no-sale-yard sales; liaises with the Spanish-speaking community at large; participates in Council meetings, providing reports of activities; and performs other duties as requested.

Main Responsibilities/principal objectives/key results areas:

-Preaches and teaches at the weekly services in Spanish to the Spanish-speaking workers and family members on the Backside, generally at the same time the head chaplain is preaching to the English-speaking members.
-Establishes and maintains a spiritual presence for the workers and their family members by participating in their church-related activities, walking the barns while they are at work, and visiting with them on a formal and informal basis as needed.
-Co-celebrates at sacred events such as baptism, marriage, funerals, and the blessing of the sick.
-Visits sick members who are in the hospital as well as home-bound members of the Backside community.
-Plans services with the head chaplain, including music, activities, and entertainment for the appreciation and spiritual enrichment of the workers and their families and participates as appropriate.
-Attends conferences and workshops aimed at furthering the experience and pastoral knowledge of the associate chaplain.
-Liaises with the larger Hispanic community to enhance their understanding of the needs of the Backside community and to draw them closer in support, involvement, and solidarity with the workers and their families.
-Working with the chaplain, participates in and oversees the Christian education of all ages. This includes children’s classes, youth, and adult education, while delegating many responsibilities to Backside volunteers.
-Provides short-term counseling as needed. Is available and response to crisis situations, providing pastoral care through the most effective means possible.
-Demonstrates great flexibility in time schedule, being available for evening activities as well as daytime duties.
-Stands in witness to the love and teachings of a compassionate Lord Christ Jesus.


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