Baby Pierce


Today in our blog I want to share with you a post from a good friend, Baby Pierce. His Mom, Lindsay, and I are good friends and I had the privilege of being their pastor during his birth. She helped Pierce a bit with this! Read and enjoy – then pray for both heroes’.


Letter to a football player

If you follow college football, you probably know by now that the Universityof South Carolinasuffered a terrible tragedy yesterday. If you were watching the game, you couldn’t help but be heartbroken as we saw a talented, young football player, one of the best in the nation, Marcus Lattimore take a nasty hit to the knee. Now this injury would be tragic regardless, but the fact that Lattimore had fought his way back from a similar injury last year only to have another major setback. This wasn’t just a set back. Everyone watching knew that this could very well be a career ending injury. We watched as the crowd grew unified in their cheers. Players from both teams flooded the field – all waiting for their hero to arise. And we watched, as Marcus was carted off the field. Across team lines, folks were flooding the internet with support, their hearts broken, for a young man whose hard work and talent seemed lost in an instant.

As you know, we’re not strangers to having our dreams turned upside down in an instant. And so, today, Pierce and I set out to do our part in encouraging Marcus. It’s funny, because it’s probably the last thing I thought I’d ever do- spend time writing a fan letter to a well-known athlete. But I remembered the messages that flooded in when Pierce was so sick. I remembered how much they touched us. And the ones we received from strangers… they were oftentimes the ones that humbled us the most.

So here it is – our letter to Marcus, from one hero to another.

Dear Marcus,

You and I are very different and yet so much alike. I’m only 18 months old, but to so many, I’ve become their hero. And yesterday, you became a hero in so many hearts.

When I was born 4 months early, doctors didn’t predict I’d go far. In fact, they only gave me a 5% chance of survival. And then, when I suffered a devastating brain bleed, their predictions for me grew even dimmer. But during my 4.5 month stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, one thing became obvious: I am a fighter. And another thing is obvious: you are too.

You see you are a hero, whether you ever make another football play. I’ve found that what defines a hero lies not in his ability to do something. No, a hero is instead found when his character shines greater than his inability to do something. What makes us heroes is not our abilities. What makes us heroes is our strength to rise above the circumstances handed to us, our ability to say “Jesus is enough. He is good and He will give me the strength I need to make it through this trial.

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