"Do What You Always Did!”

Laurie Vidal is a Sports Chaplain for Powerboat Racing. He writes an occasional devotion called the “One Minute Gun”. In powerboat racing there is a “one minute gun” to warn the boaters that they have to be in position and ready to go. No one will wait on them. A great way to approach the Scriptures – get ready spiritually, the world, your flesh and the devil will not wait on you!”

If you are a Sports Chaplain and would like to send an illustration or a blog entry send it to KenCross@sportschaplains.org. Thanks Laurie.

“Do what you always did and get what you always got!” It is amazing how many times we do something we have always done and think we will get different results! Ever happen to you?

Sitting on our back porch, I have observed these little tiny frogs that have unfortunately gotten on the wrong side of the screen. There is a metal frame of about 3/4 inch thick that holds the screen in place around the entire porch. So when the poor little frog discovers he really wants to be on the other side of the screen, he begins a very futile behavior!

The behavior consists of jumping up onto the metal frame with all the momentum in the hop the little frog can muster. When he clears the metal, he unfortunately hits the screen which knocks him back onto the floor of the porch, where he started! He’ll then attempt the same jump over and over and over….until he dies!

Whatever behaviors are not working for us, we need to look at very carefully. Let’s approach the obstacle with a realistic view. Our behavior may not be as obvious as the frog’s, but it may be as self-destructive!

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.” Proverbs 16:25

Father, I want to let go of the the behaviors that are futile. Show me Your way to move toward freedom from destructive behaviors. Amen

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