Sports Chaplain: Mike Echstenkamper

Each Thursday we highlight a fellow Sports Chaplain. Mike Echstenkamper is affiliated with Athletes in Action and serves the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  He grew up in Ohio, attended Ohio University. Played baseball there and than signed with New York Yankees as an outfielder.  Married to Kim, and they have four children. If you would like his contact information go to either Chaplains Connect or the Sports Chaplains Network website.

He provided this material from a book he read.  Use it in your ministry. If you are a Sports Chaplain, please send us illustrations or notes from your talks to share with others. Send them to

Also, I am in the process of interviewing as many Sports Chaplains as possible. Could you send me your contact information and a time that will fit with your schedule so I could learn from you?

Revolution Within by Dwight Edwards Page 163-164

The difference between adolescent freedom and mature freedom.

Adolescent freedom asks only, What am I free from? Mature freedom asks, What am I free for?

Adolescent freedom asks only, Is it forbidden? Mature freedom asks, Is it helpful?

Adolescent freedom embraces the liberty “to do my own thing

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