Answering Spiritual Questions

In 1849 a wagon train was traveling through Death Valley to follow the gold rush into California. As this particular wagon train trudged through the hottest place in California, they looked ahead and saw a sheet of water they all believed was Owen’s Lake, but it was just a mirage created by the intense heat.  The harder they pressed on to make it to the water, the more frustrated they became. The foundation for many people’s spiritual journey is no more real than that frustrating mirage. People base their entire spiritual lives on illusions; whether it’s the psychic friends network or astrology, whether it’s some strange teacher, like ____ ____ or some new claim of having special insight into the future. I know people who have gotten divorced, married, and gone on the mission field because their favorite prophet told them to go.

In contrast, God invites us to base our spiritual journey on the incarnation and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Only a spiritual journey based on reality can bring us genuine joy, because anything less is a mirage.

There will come a time, and it might be today. When you will be asked, “Do all religions teach the same thing?

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